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A few years ago, I was approached by the Alberta Government to provide some media training for their Winter Games Athletes. That experience opened my eyes to the possibilities for another branch of Bowes Knows Sports.


Combining my teaching background with my media expertise, I now specialize in helping younger athletes become media savvy.


It's imperative that these teenagers are given the tools to understand, relate, and create a successful relationship with the media early in their careers.




CSI-sports-optimizedPhoto credit: Dave Holland


Lisa’s enthusiasm as a presenter is contagious and engaging. Her love and passion for sport is obvious through her work.


Lisa gives a unique insight into the media and individual branding. She has been an incredible asset and a wealth of knowledge to the Canadian Sport Institute Calgary and our Athletes.

- Canadian Sport Institute - Calgary


Lisa recently completed a number of classroom sessions with our grade ten students. Students benefitted from Lisa inviting amazing Olympians, like Chandra Crawford, in to share their experiences with the group.


Lisa offered extensive expertise and feedback to students on how to sell their "brands" and how to effectively use social media to their advantage. Her warm personality made it easy for students to open up to her, and they repeatedly commented on how grateful they were to have Lisa in as a guest teacher.

- Ms. Bellgene Chung, Humanities 10 Teacher, National Sport School

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