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Posted by on in News

Like many Authors, I've gone through my share of rejections.


It took 7 years and 10 rejection letters before the Lucy series received a YES from a traditional publisher.


For animation, I think we are now up to 8 passes from studios/networks in 2 years of pitching.


But I take solace in the fact that reportedly it took many many tries (years) before Peppa Pig received the green light. 


Sometimes it can be draining to hear all the NO's but then I change my thought process to "This is the journey...and it will come."


If you truly believe in something then you"ll make it happen. It just takes patience.  


And what a lesson THAT has been for this A type. :):) lol! 



Carpe Diem


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Posted by on in News


Its always an exciting time when you start to see the artwork that will eventually accompany your words.


Super psyched to see how many more children and families Lucy can inspire through Book 4 - Lucy Tries Hockey!


Here's another early concept drawing from James :) 



Carpe Diem,





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Incredible day.

After a visit to Ecole Holy Name Elementary School in January, Principal Mary Laviolette encouraged her entire staff and students to create a Lucy book.

Two months later, I found myself part of a special assemby where Grade 1 to 6 students presented their beautfully crafted Lucy stories....14 of them! 

I was overcome - and even teared up a few times as they proudly read their books.

After all the challenges to bring the series forward, it was pretty amazing to see how Lucy connected with these students.

The children had clearly researched their topics and many rhymed...also in French!! (which is very hard to do)

Yoga...Trampoline...Skeleton...Archery...Biathlon to name a few...WOW.


 Kids reading at Ecole





 Mary said "Lucy has helped our students see the value of taking a risk and that all success begins when you try!"

 "The experience unified us all with a common goal. Our school has developed a relationship with Lucy, she's now a friend to all of us." 


Thank you Mary for your vision and your encouragement. Indeed, so many opportunities with this work.

Merci Ecole Holy Name - my bucket is truly overflowing!



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Posted by on in News

Dear Friends,


When one door closes at least 4 will open! That's been my experience and I'm expecting the same again.


An amazing 12+ year ride at CTV Calgary ended this week. Its been a wonderful place to tell stories and support amateur sport.


Have been super blessed for the career I've carved out in sports TV so far.


The photo gallery is just a snippet!



Looking forward to what's next while moving the Lucy project to another level!!!!


SO excited about Book 4 - Lucy Tries Hockey. Here's an early concept drawing from James.Lucy Hockey Image 1

Lucy is already making a difference by inspiring children to learn about the benefits of sport!


So am super pumped about the next stage of "our" journey. ;)





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Posted by on in News
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Posted by on in News

There are SO many highs and lows on this book journey.


A real low are the rejection letters.


I had NINE Publishers say NO to Lucy Tries Luge.



But if you truly believe in something - you just perservere.



Thanks for this review and your support


I just know our combined efforts will make a difference in getting more kids active!




Carpe Diem,



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Posted by on in News

Thanks SO Much to my hometown - Guelph, Ontario for it's support.


Truly grateful!

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Posted by on in News

It has truly been an interesting ride in front of the camera. 


Circa 1991 at the mighty 'ol CKY near Polo Park in Winnipeg. Look at that HAIR! LOL! First on air gig - started on the Noon sports. Boy was I ever green! But OH so hungry to learn and work at this craft. 


At that time, the station was right beside the old Arena which was extremely convenient for Jets post game. You would write your cast...while watching the games of the over to the dressing rooms, grab some clips, write an impact player of the game sidebar - and be ready for the show with time to spare. Unless of course the game went long. MUCH different now I find in terms of expectations. My colleagues in Winnipeg are back beside an NHL rink once again with the MTS centre so it's full circle for the Jets and CTV.



May 2016 at CTV Calgary following stops at TSN, The Score and the CBC.

Still enjoy my Sunday anchor shift. Always the best day of the week to work when you are a sportscaster!

PT at CTV allows me to pursue other projects while still working in this crazy industry. So super grateful for that!

As I tell the Kidcasters, if your'e going to do something 8-10 hours a day...better make it something you LOVE.


Carpe Diem,



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Posted by on in News


Was extremely thrilled and grateful for our recent campaign with Sport Chek - the largest Canadian retailer of sporting clothing and sports equipment.


If you bought any soccer ball, kid's cleats or kid's shin guards received a FREE Lucy Tries Soccer book!


So this was a wonderful connection between literacy and physical activity.


Thanks again to the Team at Sport Chek for encouraging kids to get active and stay active!


This was SO cool. :))



Carpe Diem,






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Posted by on in News


We had our first signing event in Ontario with the Lucy books last weekend and I just wanted to send a big THANK YOU to Owner Michael Fredson of Manticore Books in Orillia.


Simcoe County is lucky to have such a wonderful Indie in it's midst!


A special shout out to the the Mallinson family and a big Thanks to Orillia Today and the Packet and Times for their coverage along with my colleagues at CTV Barrie - your support means a great deal in this journey.

TY again!



Speaking of Indie book stores...a friendly reminder that its Authors for Indies Day - Saturday April 30th.


Support your local independent book store - they are true treasures and best of all...they know their books!


If you are in the Calgary region, I"ll be at Owls Nest in Britannia - please come by and say Hi!






Carpe Diem











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Due to the changes in our industry, I'm quite reflective these days.

Hence the following:


When I was a regular on the Flames beat, me and Ron used to share malts after the 2nd INT. Last night we renewed that tradition for the first time since '97!


The most rewarding part of any job is the people you meet along the way.

And boy! have I EVER been blessed! :)


Btw, the TSN press box seat in the Saddledome is the same one that all Bureau reporters have sat in since TSN first went on the air in 1984!


During my first tour, I used to sit between two broadcast legends - Ken Newans and the late Ed Whalen.

How lucky I was back then as a twenty-something working to become the best reporter I could be!


I'm happy to keep the TSN perch warm for a few games while Jermain is off covering March Madness.



Carpe Diem,



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Posted by on in News

I've said it before I know. But I'm in the mood tonight to say it again:


Being a 1st time children's book Author can be a massively frustrating challenge.


The amount of marketing/publicity/social media and TIME that's required to spread the news about your project is well...mind blowing!


As a result, my health suffered to close out 2015.


Now I'm trying to lower my expectations a little and "work smarter not harder." (Thanks Heather Dougall)



And then today I received this email from a School Librarian:



On behalf of Exshaw School students and staff, we want to send out a big "THANK YOU"! The other day we received two copies of your "Lucy" books. We now have them in our Library. Yesterday I read "Lucy tries Short Track" to our Kindergarten class and they were interested to find out about the different skates and curious as to  who was going to win.We even all stood up to try to feel what it was like leaning over to one side and trying to touch the ground. One of our EA's has a son who is competing in speed skating at the Alberta Winter Games so we were able to make a connection there as well. What a great concept you have developed to encourage students to learn about sports and sportsmanship. We look forward to following Lucy as she keeps trying different sports!
You have completely lifted this Author's spirits!
And so Lucy... ONWARD we shall go!
But smartly.



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Posted by on in News

Sooooo you haven't heard from me in awhile...well it turns out launching 3 children's books in 7 months is actually QUITE time consuming. WOW!


But I KNOW with every fibre of my being that Lucy Tries Sports is a timely and important series that will make a difference.


Thanks for your shares, likes, posts, emails and are truly helping spread the news about Lucy and for that, I am truly grateful.



Family and friends really liked this first interview re:  Lucy Tries Short Track with CBC colleague Doug Dirks:


And special thanks to Speed Skating Canada's National Development Short Track Team members Jamie MacDonald and Courtney Shmyr for joining me at a recent Indigo signing event. :) :)




 w Jamie and Courtney Jan 23rd

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Posted by on in Kidcasters

I just love the Grade 5's from Langevin Science School.

Such energy! Such happiness!

THANK YOU for having me back Lions Sports :)  @cardelhomesyyc


Embedded image permalink

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Posted by on in News

I cannot thank ENOUGH our sponsor Cardel Homes for supporting this literacy program for higher needs middle schools in Calgary.

It's so important to engage this age group and expose them to different working environments!


Over the last ten years, we have reached approximatlely 1000 students...connecting them to sports teams, elite athletes, the community and the broadcasting industry. It's extremely satisfying to see the growth within the classes over the 4 sessions.


Last week, grade 8/9 students from Ernest Morrow learned more about the philanthropic endeavours of Flames captain Mark Giordano and proud Manitoban Micheal Ferland. The players demonstrated their need to "give back" which I thought was a super message for these teenagers. 


Next week, Grade 5 students from Langevin Science School begin researching the Calgary Hitmen for their special press conference Nov 30th. They are such a fun group....can hardly wait! 


Thanks again to Calgary Sports and Entertainment for supporting Cardel Kidcasters. Means a lot!



until next time...remember to count your blessings and Carpe Diem! 










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Posted by on in Media Consulting

Once again a big thanks to the Canadian Sport Institute- Calgary for the opportunity to connect with their elite athletes from Bobsleigh-Skeleton, Wrestling, Figure Skating and Luge programs.


To be able to spend time with athletes 1 on 1 to discuss their Media Performance is rare so I feel quite blessed to be given the green light to share my expertise.


I now look forward to our next session with Speed Skating Canada later this month. It will be my first time back with SSC since Sept 2013 when we did some work ahead of the Sochi Games.


Most of the group are from the Development team so we'll be spending some time on their Social Media Brand and how important it is that they remember WHO they represent as members of Speed Skating Canada.


Until next time,


Carpe Diem






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Posted by on in News

So High Def, society's "anti-aging" fixation and my refusal to get injections means LIGHT is this reporter's new best friend.


These days, the sun gun on the camera just won't do!

Now we'll sometimes use two light stands - like we have in this shot.


There is nothing better than when you are working with a camera person who will take the time to make GOOD LIGHT happen!


This split screen shows #TSN's Ryan Varty at his position shooting me in mine at the Scotiabank Saddledome following a Flames game. I have stood in this spot for more than a few of these and because it was for That's Hockey - we thought it would be a good working picture for Throwback Thursday #TBT lol!


The relationship between camera and reporter is so integral to the telling of a good story.

For all on camera reads or "standups" - they're the very first person to hear your words. So If they don't like it or understand it...better rewrite! Use their expertise. Afterall, putting a story together is a total team effort.



@vartycamera "You really do give Good Light. Thanks mate."






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Posted by on in News

Back on this beat tomorrow for TSN. Filing a story on Canada's NWT at Calgary's Winsport facility.


It's been awhile since I've covered this group and my research this week indicates quite a few personnel changes for the program.


This will probably be an overview piece for That's Hockey but I'll still bank sound for future use and I'll grab a clip in French from MP Poulin for our friends at RDS....always like to think big picture. 


2 x Olympic Champion Meghan Agosta is getting great support from Vancouver PD to continue to play for HC. She's now on the force and Mel D. tells me she's back on shift Sunday once camp wraps.

Nice story but need visuals of Agosta in uniform. VPD could not provide pictures today so have asked if we could get some access at the station. Even if it's just MA chatting with her partner/squad.

We would ask CTV Vancouver to help with this request. Lots of leg work for maybe :20 seconds but that's what you have to do! You need the connecting visuals. ALWAYS.



Have a super weekend!


Thanks for visiting...LB:)

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Posted by on in News

For #TBT, this is another hilight of my broadcasting career: Covering Women's Hockey at the 2010 Vancouver Olympic Winter Games.

This is the mixed zone from ice level at UBC where the majority of the tournament was played.

Russian star Ilya Gavrilova is the interviewee and later played for the University of Calgary Dinos under Head Coach and 2x Olympic Champion Danielle Goyette.


Research is everything in this business and I spent a full year preparing for this assignment because as Games veteran Brenda Irving from CBC told me - "There's no time to research once you are IN Games."


Over a 2 week period, we did all 20 games of the tournament.

So in the year leading up to VANCOUVER 2010 I built 4 Binders.

1 each for Canada and the United States. Sweden and Finland shared a binder and then the other 4 teams at the bottom of the 8 team pool fit into one.

I had the most fun learning how the game had evolved overseas..making Skype calls to Russia, a plethora of texts/emails to the respective Federations and I remember a long conversation with a Canadian coach who had spent time with the Chinese program.


All of that background information was imperative for me to understand how this sport was preceived globally and therefore at an event like this. It also prepared me to ask informed questions.

I cannot underline enough the value of research and preparation. It's the only way to do this job!


Have a great weekend.


Carpe Diem,



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Posted by on in Media Consulting

Awesome time this past week sharing my knowledge with Canadian Sport Institute athletes in Calgary.

I now look forward to offering them more advice on the power of the Interview. Time for some simulation!


Thanks to Dave Holland for snapping some great pictures like this one from the session. :)


Carpe Diem,



CSICalgary LisaBowes-0947



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